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Unilever OKR Champion Conference

Speaking in January 2021 on the Unilever South East Asia Kick-off for OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) to motivate their management levels on the benefits and advantages to use an agile-goalsetting and action tracking.

1. Align the management on the basics of OKRs

Before rolling out OKRs the management should be convinced and agree on all levels where agile goal-setting can help the organization to create results by focus, alignment and team motivation. Especially the points "give autonomy", "bottom-up feedback" and "failure happens" could be new to leaders in the organization of an industrial client. The Unilever management agreed on these dimensions during the our speech & workshop.

What companies can achieve by using OKRs
Basic benefits of OKRs

2. Clear implementation process to communicate to the teams

Unilever informed us that they tried OKRs but the teams were not clearly trained and aligned on this new goal-setting method. We advised them to build a transparent and consistent process to set-up, manage and track OKRs throughout the entire organization. Further team and department OKRs need to be aligned to company OKRs.

Basic steps to implement OKRs
How to implement OKR

3. Shared Lessons Learned from our OKR clients

After multiple OKR trainings, workshops & full implementation in various industries, we advised Unilever on how to smoothly start with OKRs so that the organization, leadership and teams can familiarize themselves with this agile goal-setting method and are motivated to contribute and use it.

Our top experiences from our OKR clients
OKR Lessons Learned

As a speaker we highlighted the benefits, framework and motivations to start with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in a company rather than making it too process, tracking or control driven, which can demotivate managers and staff. Furthermore we shared best practices and success cases from other clients to ignite a motivation for OKRs.

For further speaker or consulting engagement on OKRs or goal-setting and achievement in general, please contact us on my speaker home page or


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