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Leverage by Collaboration!

* The difference between customer data and feedback

* How to use OKRs  by task force

* Command & control culture versus participative culture

* OKRA - OKRs + Actions

How to start in Tech?

It's new too late to start with Tech industry. My journey from corporate consulting & banking to became a Tech consultant, Keynote Speaker & Business Trainer for Customer Experience & OKRs

Small town boy goes global

Radio Interview with the Phoenix Business RadioX and Joe Pusz about my journey from small town banking in Germany to Project Management in Vietnam and finally Transformation Consulting on a global scale

How to manage Customer & Employee Experience

Podcast interview with EGN (Executive Global Network) Singapore on how to manage & improve Customer & Employee Experience in an agile and volatile environment

CX starts with Projects!

In this episode, we talk about starting with a CX project to initiate your CX process in the organization or trying / testing Customer Experience management.

Listen to your Customer!

With so many touchpoints and automated ratings a lot of companies forget to genuinely listen to customer and act on their feedback rather than just on datapoints.

CX Strategy by OKRs

Interview by SurveySensum how Customer Experience can be one of the main company OKRs. It is very powerful to ask yourself what will our company do in the next 3 months for customer rather than just profit targets

CX Goalkeeper

Get CX done with OKRs

Podcast interview with the CX Goalkeeper to understand the basic of OKRs and how goalsetting and tracking can help to implement Customer Experience projects

KPIs are Boring!

In this episode, we talk about the benefits of OKRs vs. KPIs, why managing experience start with listening and the advantages of being an entrepreneur.

Digitally Transformed?

How to contribute as a CX and Organisation consultant to Digital Transformation and why Customer Experience is key for this discipline

CX Failures in Tech

Interview by ICT Podcast how Customer Experience why Tech companies struggle with CX beyond UI/UX and how tech is not the magic bullet for every issue the customer is facing. 

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