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How to improve experiences - GBA

Experience Management Workshop for the German Business Association - GBA in Vietnam with 40+ Managers from mainly German companies.

To start an Experience Management Workshop, we normally ask the participants by a Menti Survey how they feel at the beginning of the day and that catches them by surprise. It is a great warm up to speak about Customer & Employee Experience pulse surveys, to really show that we are genuinely interested how they feel.

1. What is Experience Management

Everything of your clients, employees, partners or stakeholder can think, feel and experience with your company. The most common dimensions are Customer Experience & Employee Experience but we also consulted companies on partner experience and B2B2C indirect customer experience. The important part is to start caring and enabling feedback from all these channels in order to know the "Why" customer purchase from you or not, why employees love to stay in your company or do not care, why partners want to deal with you or not and so on.

2. How to manage Experiences & constantly improve them?

Experience Management starts with a culture of care. Your employees, clients and partners need to know that you genuinely care what they feel, think and experience with you and can access a multiple of feedback channels to talk about it without fear.

After that we need to measure and action their feedback and institutionalize this process into the company to collect, consolidate and analyze feedback and generate more why data to understand their needs and concerns. Any feedback should be responded and prioritized to be able to take the right actions on it.

Carsten Ley conducted the Experience Management Workshop at GBA
Experience Management Workshop GBA

3. Create fans and engaged teams, not just clients and staff

When it comes to Experience Management, it is important to first clear pain points, most feedback which customer or employees do not like about your company or prevent them from coming back or recommending you. But besides pain point relief, Experience Management is important to create amazing products and services for your clients and surprise them.

Let us make your audience care about Experience Management and create excited among them to support their customers and employees. Let us inspire your managers by the benefits of a "culture of care" and listening to honest and actionable feedback. To book me as a speaker please contact me.

For more information about experience management please have a look on our Asia PMO webpage.


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